Globe Valve

SIZE: 15mm to 300mm
PRESSURE RATING: 150#, 300# (Other Pressure Rating are available on Request)
BODY/TRIMS MATERIALS: CI, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M,Hastelloy C/B (Other Material Grade are available on Request)
TRIM: 13% Cr. + Stellite,CF8,CF8M(Other material grades are available on request)
TYPE: Globe type design
OPERATION TYPE: Hand wheel, Gearbox & Actuator
SPECIAL FEATURES: > Suitable for high pressure & high temperature service
> Low Torque
> Bellow seal & Extended Bonnet
END CONNECTION: Flanged end ANSI B 16.5, 150#, 300# (RF, RTJ& TG) (Other Class are available on Request)

Features :

  • OS & Y type , bolted bonnet
  • Design std:BS/1873/ANSI B 16.34,Testing as per BS 6755 Part 1
  • Low operating torque
  • Face to face dimensional per ANSI B.16.10/BS 2080
  • Flange Drilling as per ANSI B 16.5 RF serreted,BS 4504 ,BS 10 and other available drilling standards
  • Valves with back seat arrangement
  • Deep stuffing box to accommodate more packing rings
  • Pluge type disc

On Request :

  • Parabolic disc for linear characteristics
  • Extended bonnet for cryogenics service
  • Locking arrangement
  • Gear/ Electrical Actuator
  • Ring Joint Facing / Buttw

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