Two Piece Ball Valve

SIZE: 15mm To 300mm
PRESSURE RATING: 150#, 300# (Other Pressure Rating are available on Request)
BODY/TRIMS MATERIALS: CI, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, Hastelloy C/B (Other Material grade are available on Request)
SEAT: PTFE, Reinforced PTFE, PEEK & Metal Seated
TYPE: Regular Full Bore, Hollow Ball & Solid Ball
SPECIAL FEATURES: ISO-PAD with gland flange design for Actuator and Gearbox mounting, Extended bonnet, Fire safe, Anti-Static & Anti Cavity design available
OPERATION TYPE: Hand Lever, Gearbox & Actuator (Pneumatic, Electric & Hydraulic)
END CONNECTION: Flanged end ANSI B16.5, 150#, 300# (RF, RTJ & TG), Table-F (Other Class are available on request)
COMPLIES TO: BS EN ISO 17292 (BS 5351), DIN Standard also available on request

Features :

  • Low operating torque.
  • Blowout proof design & anti-static device
  • Design Std.: BS EN 17292 : 2015 ,BS5351, Testing as per Bs6755 Part I
  • Face to face Dimension as per ANSI B 16.10/BS 2080
  • Fire as per API 607/2016 /BS 6755 Part II
  • Fire safe design with certification of API 607 7th edition 2016
  • Full / Reduced bore
  • Flange drilling as per ANSI B 16.5, RF serrated, BS 4504 ,BS 10, and other available drilling standard

On Request :

  • Extended spindle for cryogenic service
  • Locking arrangement
  • Gear/Pneumatic/Electrical Actuator
  • NACE as per MR-01-75
  • Double block & bleed Floating Type :
  • Feasible for 6 mm. to 300 mm.
  • Rating of 150# and 300#
  • M.O.C options available with CI/CCS/CAS/CSS/Exotic. Trunnion Mounted Type :
  • Sizes available in the range of 100 mm. to 900 mm.
  • Rating of 150# and 2500# available.
  • M.O.C options available with CI/CCS/CAS/CSS/Exotic. Normal Type :
  • Sizes available in the range of 6 mm. to 50 mm.
  • Rating of 800# and 3000# available.
  • M.O.C options available with FCS/FSS/FAS. Further MOC's like UPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF/HT-CPVC can be availed on request in the size range of half inch to four inch (150#).

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